On October 24, 2012, our Dad died. I called Heather Taylor, owner of After a Loss, and asked for her assistance.   In our grief, it was difficult to consider  everything we’d need to do in the days following his death.  It turned out to be the best phone call I could have made. Heather was assuring and well organized as she offered a variety of services to us, including:

  1. Going to the florist of our choice and bringing books to us so we could choose floral arrangements
  2. Staying at our home or my Mother’s home during the visitation and funeral, as a safety measure
  3. Planning and catering any meal for any number of people
Heather was incredible! Her work was showcased with efficiency and professionalism; she was compassionate and caring. As a Hospice/Palliative Care nurse herself, Heather completely understood our needs as a bereaved family. We asked her to cater the family meal the day of the visitation. She arrived at our home and within a very short time, had completely set up a meal for 25 people, according to the menu we agreed upon. We didn’t have to do ANYTHING! She brought everything with her and served our family with the utmost care, leaving us to our monumental task—gathering together to say goodbye to our Father. When we were finished and left for the funeral home, Heather stayed at our home. After I arrived at the funeral home, I realized I had forgotten a photograph I needed for the visitation. I called Heather and asked her to check and see if it was where I thought I had left it. She brought it to the funeral home for me! When we returned home that evening, you couldn’t tell there had been a meal served to 25 people earlier! My home was spotless, fresh coffee was brewing, leftovers packed neatly away into the refrigerator, and finger snacks arranged on the table, as she knew we might be hungry afterward. Heather called occasionally in the days that followed and checked on us. She offered to do anything we needed, including taking Mom anywhere she might need to go to begin settling Dad’s affairs. I had never considered needing a “funeral planner” before, but I can say with certainty that the entire process was made easier for us with Heather’s help. I would recommend After A Loss to everyone!

– Kelley