After a Loss provides practical support to bereaved families in the hours and days after the loss of a loved one. We seek to complement the professional services offered by funeral homes, easing some of the burdens of those difficult few days and ensuring that the family has the time and focus on attending to the most important details.


1 hours: $55

5 hours $250.00

10 hours $450.00

25 hours $1050.00

Immediate Needs

Immediate Needs

We provide compassionate, professional support services to families as needed in the immediate wake of a loved one’s death. We work in collaboration with local funeral directors to respond promptly to the specific needs of each family in their time of need.
Package examples approximately 15hrs:
  • Tidy your home immediately after death has occurred, prior to the arrival of guests (Approx. 1 hour).
  • Bring, arrange and serve coffee, tea, desserts in the immediate wake of your loved one’s death, and tidy everything up afterward(Minimum 2 hours)
  • House-sit while your family is attending visitations and during the funeral service itself; light housekeeping during the funeral service, so that you can return home to a house that is tidy and welcoming (3 hours per visitation; 4 hours for funeral service and post-funeral reception)

Day by Day

We draw appropriately upon the deceased’s personal wishes, cultural heritage and religious/spiritual values in providing our services to consult when necessary with other community professionals who can offer guidance in this area.

(approx. 12 hrs)

  • Bring, arrange and serve coffee, tea and light desserts in the hours immediately after your loved one’s death, and tidy everything up afterward(Minimum 2 hours)
  • Organize food brought to the house by neighbours and friends, to ensure meals are provided for the days leading up to the funeral; Ensure all dishes are labeled to enable easy return and “thank yous” at a later date.
  • If necessary, shop for family meals for the days leading up to the funeral(Additional fees apply: Cost of food + 10%)

Daily Service Package (daily flat fee)

  • We will be available at your home to assist with any necessary housekeeping, organizational duties or other preparations.
  • Further services can be added as required, for an additional fee.
Day by Day
Days Following

Days Following

We assist families in offering welcome and support to family members, friends, a and other mourners in the days after death. This is customized to the needs of your family and can include arranging of coffee and tea in the wake of your loved one’s death and house sitting/light housekeeping.

After-Care Package (hourly $55)

  • Clean family home once all the guests have departed
  • Assist with the writing of thank you cards
  • Returning food dishes/pots/pans to their owners
  • Returning medical equipment that is no longer needed

Gift Certificates

The last thing someone in mourning needs to think about is everyday chores, groceries, meals, planning travel arrangements and housecleaning.  After a Loss offers gift certificates so, you can give the gift of time.