After A Loss is a service, providing practical support to bereaved families in the hours and days after the loss of a loved one. We seek to complement the professional services offered by funeral homes, easing some of the burdens of those difficult few days, and ensuring that families have the time and focus necessary to attend to the most important details.

After A Loss was founded and directed by Heather Taylor, a Registered Nurse with 21 years experience, 15 years of service and specialized training in hospice/palliative care, and in supporting bereaved families. Heather is a member in good standing of the College of Nurses of Ontario. After A Loss offers support when you need it most. As a business, we are bondable.

Our Experience Enables Us…

  • To provide compassionate, professional support services to families as needed, in the immediate wake of a loved one’s death;
  • To work in collaboration with local funeral directors, to respond promptly and effectively to the specific needs of each family in their time of need;
  • To assist families in offering welcome and support to family members, friends and other mourners in the days after a death;
  • To draw appropriately upon the deceased’s personal wishes, cultural heritage and religious/spiritual values in providing our services; to consult, when necessary, with other community professionals who can offer guidance in this area.

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